Gina Sobel

Gina Sobel began teaching flute, voice, saxophone, jazz studies and songwriting/beginner guitar at  MEC in the fall of 2008.  Gina loves helping her students find their inner musician, whether it’s through improvisation, classical repertoire, or personal composition.  In addition to traditional recitals and other concerts for her studio, Gina also organizes a yearly “real world” performance for her older students at a local venue so they can share their talents with the wider community.  She grew up in a household of music, lucky to develop a passion for jazz and improvisation at a young age from her father. Gina graduated from the College of William and Mary in 2007 with a double major in music and environmental studies. While there, she began songwriting and furthered her studies in classical flute, sax, jazz of all types and voice. The stage has always been her home, but Gina was able to begin performing her own music while in college and recorded her first album of original music in 2005. In Charlottesville, Gina maintains a strong presence on the local and regional music scene playing with many different bands many nights a week in many different genres including jazz, folk, rock, funk and styles that live somewhere in between. She released her most recent album “Seeds of the Street” in February 2011. When she’s not teaching or performing, Gina loves backpacking, traveling, painting, spending time with animals of all sorts and vegetarian cooking

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