David Hennessy

Instructor of Acoustic & Electric Guitar

Dave Hennessy is a versatile and experienced guitarist who loves working with young musicians. He studied with renowned guitar educator Glen McCarthy in northern Virginia and studied Music Industry at James Madison University.

Over the years, Dave has become proficient in a variety of guitar styles, from gypsy jazz to modern rock. He has toured internationally and released numerous albums with various collaborators. Dave has also assisted and engineered in recording studios, and he enjoys creating musical projects with his wife, MEC strings teacher Anna Hennessy.

Dave has worked with students of all ages. His teaching style is supportive and enthusiastic. He tailors lessons to each student’s learning style and preference while providing a solid technical and theoretical foundation. His students understand the circle of fifths and the geography of the fretboard as well as how to play the music that they love.

When he is not playing the guitar, Dave loves skateboarding, playing drums, and hanging out with his baby daughter.