Lizzie Rees

Instructor of Piano & Flute, Music For Kids

Lizzie Rees has been teaching at the Music Education Center since 2002, but has been involved with MEC since the age of 4 when she began music classes.  She completed the entire group comprehensive program before studying privately with the Center’s senior teachers through high school and even throughout her college years.  Lizzie took every opportunity to involve herself in piano, flute, choir, and even drama productions at MEC as well as with her church and in the community, including accompanying at the Village School.  She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science at JMU.

Lizzie enjoys her career, but her heart is founded in music and in teaching music to children. She continues to play flute in church and enjoy musical experiences with her daughter, Hannah, who now takes music lessons in the same comprehensive classes that her mother experienced. Lizzie most enjoys taking Hannah to see musicals around town. When not teaching, Lizzie loves to read, hike, and bake.