General Information

In order to focus on students’ individual learning experiences, maximum enrollment for each of the following classes is between 4-6 students. Group enrollment for families and/or private enrollment are options available upon request. MEC online classes are designed for students ages 10 and older. Enrollment for younger students will be considered pending parent involvement, individual comfort learning in a virtual setting, etc. MEC Academy courses are designed for advanced (generally high school) students and adults. Students will be grouped into classes based on age and experience, including separate sections of classes for adults. 


This curriculum has been collaboratively developed under the guidance of MEC director Crissy Hawthorne by Dr. Kevin Davis (composer and cellist, composition and theory faculty at UVA, MEC string and composition faculty) and Kittie Cooper (composer, performer, and educator; Master of Special Education; B.M. in music education and classical guitar performance), whose credentials include teaching music at Virginia School for the Deaf and the Blind, certification in K-12 music education, and extensive recent experience in online music education for students ages 9-18.


These classes will require the technology necessary for students to log into a group Zoom video call as well as a means of electronic communication with families. When possible, class attendance on a computer or tablet is preferable to using a phone. Many of the classes also involve the option of students making recordings—for most students this would most easily be completed using their or a family member’s phone. If students do not have the means to record sound, they can perform live on Zoom instead (and the teacher can record this part of the Zoom call if desired). Students in some classes will require use of a keyboard instrument or additional software on their computers. Small keyboards can be purchased for under $50 (none of the classes require use of a piano).


Migrating some of the MEC coursework to an online format is an adaptation to our current public health situation. The value of in-person interaction is deeply missed. But this moment also provides us with opportunities as well.

Lack of physical proximity need not be a limitation. In fact, in the past few months, my students have made incredible strides in their performing and composing. I have been amazed and inspired by the recordings, songs, compositions that my students have created—from Bach suites and folk songs to beautiful songs and sophisticated music production. One student has even learned guitar from scratch! There is, in fact, great potential right now for musical practice and enjoyment. But more than this, in this unusual moment, music can fulfill a need—to stay physically, intellectually, and emotionally active in the way that music uniquely facilitates, opening up possibilities for musical enjoyment, collaboration, and creativity for one’s entire life.


Please email Kevin Davis and Kittie Cooper at with any questions and in order to enroll.