MEC Academy (Advanced)

These courses are for advanced students who are considering music as a career or musical study on the college level. They are also appropriate for college/adult students. 

Classes will involve a group meeting/lecture and a private lesson per week. Please see registration and fees for details.


Expand your knowledge of music theory. This course is designed as a preparatory course for college music theory. Course topics include basics of sound and digital sound, harmonic series, scales and modes, chords, and basic chord progressions. 


For those with some experience with composing. Projects will be as unique as the artists who make them! Lectures will consist of a survey of contemporary compositional and notational principles and techniques from all styles of music, from Bach to the experimental avant-garde. 


Are you looking to take your music to another level? Are you wanting to release your own music? All the tools you need for recording and creating high quality music are as close as your laptop. Learn the art of tracking, mixing, and mastering. Understand digital audio, compression, and equalization. Experiment with synthesis and sampling, making your own synthesizers and drum machines. 


Counterpoint is the art of composing multiple, simultaneous melodies. Learn the same skills Brahms and Mozart did, the same techniques that Haydn taught Beethoven. Since the 9th century, it has formed the bedrock of advanced compositional training. Beginning with species counterpoint exercises, melodic construction and harmonic principles are developed. Students compose two and three part counterpoint of gradually increasing complexity.


Learn the art of preparing music for orchestra! This course consists of a survey of traditional instruments and their associated techniques, listening and analysis assignments, and composition assignments. Prerequisite skills in both music reading and notation are recommended.